Wednesday, November 15, 2017

October 2017, New York City, USA

Central Park

The roof top garden and cafe at 'The Met'. I have never been to a better museum/art gallery.

The view from the bottom of my street, looking over Manhattan.. I stayed in a studio apartment in New Jersey and Manhatten was a 10 minute bus ride away. It was perfect.

going to a show on Broadway

October 2017, Nova Scotia, Canada

We were very lucky to have such clear weather to start our day.


By the time we arrived at Peggy's Cove, the cloud was rolling in.

October 2017, Novia Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Canada

We planned to drive the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia which is known for its autumn leaves. The weather was foggy some of the time, but the colours were amazing. Every hill and valley was covered with autumn colour.

This was the lovely view from our hotel.

September 2017, Quebec City, Canada

I loved Quebec City. The old city felt like being in Europe. There were lots of flowers and it was a wonderful week. I stayed in a studio apartment and caught the bus to the old city each day.

September 2017, Ottawa, Canada

I had a lovely week in Ottawa. I stayed in a studio apartment and it was perfect.

love the fresh markets

As part of Canada's 150 year celebration, there was an amazing sculpture garden. The frames were covered with plants, mostly grasses. It looks like hair on the cattle but it is grass. There were about 30 sculptures all showing part of Canada's history.

September 2017, Newfoundland, Canada, page 1

Sue, Catherine and I flew to Newfoundland, hired a car and toured the area for 10 days. It was such an experience for me. The weather is changeable and we were very lucky. Most of the time was pleasant and sunny. Winters here are very cold and harsh. We ate seafood every day and it was so good.

 Our accommodation in St John's was in an area called Jelly Bean Row. All the houses are brightly painted.
Not so warm this day.

drying cod flakes

September 2017, Newfoundland, Canada page 2

We were lucky to see puffins, most of them had already migrated north.

a unique lighthouse