Friday, October 11, 2013

September 2013,Cambodia - volunteer teaching for two weeks page 1

 1. Our tuktuks ( a motorbike pulling a small cart which can hold two or three people) waiting to take us to work.

2. The traffic as we were getting closer to school.
The school is in a rural village.

 3. Courtney and I  in the tuktuk. The ride took about an hour and we used the time for planning our work.

4 Half the journey was on bitumen road and half was very rough, slippery and full of potholes.

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5. The classroom we worked in. We had 6 students for 2.5 hrs in the morning and a different 6 in the afternoon.

September 2013, Cambodia - village life near the school where we were working

1. A local shop - the shop keeper also volunteers at the school as a teacher. He was one of the people we were working with during the two weeks.
 2. The village around the school is a rural one. The people are very poor. Most of the adults have little or no education.

3. A typical village house. The area was flooding while we were there and at the end of our two weeks, some of the houses had water inside.

September 2013, Cambodia page 3 - Life around Siem Reap

1. Fishing at the river that runs through the city. Siem Reap is the second biggest city in Cambodia
 2. Street food vendors

 4. a sleeping boy
 5. Tuktuks waiting for passengers.

September 2013, Cambodia - the volunteer teachers enjoying Siem Reap

 1. We enjoyed cocktails every night - $2 each. This bar was on a rooftop. There are endless bars and restaurants in Siem Reap because the city has a good tourist industry. Tourists come to visit the Ankor Wat temples.

I really enjoyed the food - curries with subtle flavours and great salads using green mango and green pawpaw. A meal costs about $3.
2. One night we went to a cooking school. We all chose two dishes from the menu and cooked our own. It was great fun and I now know how to make a fresh spring roll that doesn't collapse.

September 2013 Cambodia page 5 - temples around Siem Reap

1. Buddhist pegoda in Siem Reap
 2,3 Ankor Wat - Hindu temples built in the 11th Century, now world heritage listed

 4. Other temples around the area. These ones have a face carved on each side.