Monday, February 28, 2011

February 2011, page 1 Tasmania

1. Lake Dove, Cradle Mountain national park
2. Pencil Pine Falls, Cradle Mt
3. Cradle Mt
4. Dover, Huon Valley
5. Huon Valley

February 2011, page 2 Tasmania

1. farmland
2. Richmond Bridge, built by convicts 1823
3. Bruny Island
4. Port Arthur, convict colony - the roof and interior of the church were destroyed by fire
5. Port Arthur - the guard house, looking towards Mason Cove

February 2011, Heritage Highway, Tasmania

The Heritage Highway was the first road to connect north and south Tasmania. Many of the old Inns and houses of that time are still being used. The bridges, built by convict labour, are still being used and have never needed repairing. One of the towns on the highway, Oatlands (pop 600) has 87 Georgian sandstone buildings and many dry stone wall fences.
1,2. Oatlands
3. Callington Mill, Oatlands - restored and working as a flour mill
4. a dry stone wall fence (nothing holding the stones together - just balance)
5. Ross Bridge (1936)

Views from my bedroom #3

1. Lorne, Victoria
2. 'Spirit of Tasmania' - boat that travels between Vic. and Tas.
3. Macintosh Dam - neat Cradle Mt National Park, Tasmania
4. Snug, Huon Valley, Tas
5. Lake Dulveron, Oatlands, Tas